Utilize the Leaked Dark Web Data API to search through a wide collection of breached databases to lookup email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, or passwords. The API response is available in JSON or XML formats. Our dark web monitoring service tracks all new compromised databases and even private database leaks not available to the public.

Compromised data on the dark web is a strong indication that the information will be used by hackers, bad actors, or other types of abusive users. This could include a variety of fraud attack vectors including account takeover, chargebacks, fake accounts/applications, and digital impersonation.

Example API URLs

The URLs below can be used to fetch the result using cURL or another utility in most languages.
make sure to replace "TYPE","YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" and "DATA".

where "TYPE" is either:

  1. email
  2. password
  3. username

Phone number searches are coming soon.



NOTE: Do not share this key with anyone. It's like a password and can be used to make queries using our API.

JSON Success Response Example
JSON Error Response Example

Response Field Definitions

Below is a list of expected result fields for your query.