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IPQualityScore's suite of fraud detection tools enable bot detection and user screening to prevent fake accounts, chargebacks, & malicious users without interrupting the user experience.

Detect bad actors and block bots with industry leading IP reputation data and user validation solutions.

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The Most Accurate & Affordable Fraud Detection Tools

Access best in class fraud detection and prevention powered by risk management strategies featuring better accuracy, worldwide coverage, and less false-positives than similar leading fraud detection vendors. Take the headache out of risk scoring with a suite of fraud detection tools to stop bots, fraudulent transactions, and risky users. Deploy services like Bot Detection, Proxy & VPN Detection, Email Validation, Phone Validation, Device Fingerprinting, and User & Transaction Scoring tools that easily integrate with any platform in minutes.

IPQS fraud prevention technologies score user data such as an IP address or device, email address, phone number, or complete billing details. Generate real-time fraud scores and over 25 risk analysis data points to analyze how likely a user or visitor is to engage in fraudulent behavior. Filter abusive users and fraudulent payments in real-time before they negatively impact your business.

10+ Years of Detecting Bots & Preventing Fake Accounts

Perform advanced reputation checks on user and transaction data with Fraud Fusion™ — a networked approach to fraud detection that learns from fraudulent events based on hundreds of millions of worldwide transactions per day. Adjust custom rules, behavior settings, and scoring options to deploy the perfect fraud prevention software for your business. Adjust over 50+ custom account settings to detect fraud for any audience.

Complete bot protection prevents automated behavior, scraping, and fake accounts. Our intelligent algorithms use AI, blocklists, honeypots & traps, forensic analysis, and machine learning to provide the most accurate detection rates in the fraud prevention industry. IPQS fraud protection tools are the perfect solution to prevent abuse and eliminate fraud by blocking high risk users & payments for any industry.

Successfully grow your company without interruptions from bots, fake users, & bad actors — even preventing bots using the newest spoofing and emulation software. Confidently score users with the most accurate fraud prevention & bot detection.

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Permanently Stop Abusive Users & Malicious Behavior

Automate Bot Detection & Fraud Prevention

Complete Fraud Protection & Bot Detection From Every Angle

IPQS fraud detection solutions are trusted by Fortune 500s and the Internet's most popular companies. Experience enterprise level fraud detection accuracy without enterprise prices. Adaptive anti-fraud tools and seasoned risk management strategies solve complex abuse issues across any audience or industry. Integration is quick and easy, typically taking less than 5 minutes.

Deploy the most intelligent fraud detection techniques to permanently stop bots, fake & abusive users, chargebacks, click fraud, and other types of abuse across any industry in any country. Detect fraud across a spectrum of issues including fraudulent transactions, new account fraud, identity theft, business email compromise, credit card fraud, and suspicious activities with advanced fraud models built by machine learning systems and our in-house data analysts to identify patterns of abuse.

Take fraud detection and prevention a step further with industry leading bot protection. Detect non-human users in real-time while preventing bot traffic and unwanted visitors from reaching your website. Stop bots even when using advanced software to mimic human behavior. Mitigating bots can significantly reduce chargebacks, fake & duplicate accounts, content scraping, credential stuffing, and similar abusive behavior. Quickly improve user and payment quality on the web or in-app.

Next-generation fraud scoring detects bots, high risk behavior, and stolen user data faster than any other service. Tap into the Internet's leading blocklist of fraudulent users.

Trusted Fraud Detection & Bot Prevention With the Edge You Need

Fraud detection is what we do best. With IPQS, you won't need to worry about false-positives or inaccurate scoring. All of our algorithms have been carefully designed with data science fraud modeling in mind for comprehensive risk scoring. Maximize fraud detection rates for high risk behavior while reducing impact on the user experience. IPQS fraud prevention tools even learn from your audience with machine learning techniques to improve future scoring models. New patterns of fraudulent behavior are detected across our network every few seconds, ensuring your account never accepts a known stolen credit card and can quickly identify abusive user behavior.

With fraud costs on the rise, let our fraud analysts do the heavy lifting — data mining fraudulent activity from financial institutions and credit card companies, such as fraudulent transactions and new account fraud with statistical data analysis techniques. Protect your site from fake accounts, scraping, fraudulent payments, account takeover, and more with leading bot detection. Bots, emulators, and fake devices represent the majority of fraudulent behavior online. With IPQS bot protection technology, your sites and apps can be completely shielded from bad bots.

Fraud risks continue to grow year over year. IPQS enables your team with advanced blocklists and real-time risk scoring to fight fraud with over 300% better accuracy in detecting fraud on your website or app. Advanced historical data analytics sourced from financial institutions and popular merchants, power the IPQS threat network with real-time abuse reports sourced from online fraudulent activities. Lookup customer data directly against the largest threat blocklist online to instantly enhance your own fraud prevention systems. Elevate your own fraud detection and prevention services with the industry's most precise risk analysis data, enhanced by artificial intelligence.

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IPQualityScore is a leader in ecommerce fraud protection on G2
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IPQualityScore is a leader in fraud detection solutions on G2
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Fraud Detection API

Stop bad actors and suspicious behavior in real-time by integrating our low-latency fraud detection API into your site or apps. Preventing fraud even against advanced bad actors has never been this easy. Quickly score users, clicks, and payments in real-time to prevent abuse such as fake accounts and chargebacks, using our always evolving fraud prevention service. Retrieve Fraud Scores and granular validation data points to determine if a user's information is accurate. Even detect stolen user information and sophisticated techniques only detected with IPQS online fraud prevention measures.

Intelligent Bot Protection To Stop Bad Bots

Stop bots, chargebacks, fraudulent users, and high risk behavior with bot prevention technologies by IPQS. Prevent bots from crawling your website without affecting your legitimate customers. Protect against scraping, account takeover, credential stuffing, and fake users, even when the bots resemble human-like browsers. Profile visitors and identify bot traffic with a seamless integration that doesn't impact page loading or the user experience. Detect fraud with real time monitoring for financial transactions, account registrations, logins, and user actions that indicate abnormal events.

Fraud Detection From a Different Angle

IPQualityScore fraud detection and prevention is always on the cutting-edge, able to stay up to date with the latest trends from cybercriminals engaging in fraudulent activities. Gain insightful risk intelligence into a user's contact details or IP address and device signals. Even malicious users employ sophisticated tactics such as fake identities, emulators, and location spoofing technology. Avoid fraud with access to powerful blocklists generated through powerful data analytics — analyzed with machine learning and neural networks. Our always evolving fraud detection systems identify risky behavior signals that warrant further investigation from financial fraud and identity theft to new account opening fraud and abusive behavior for any industry.

Test Drive IPQS Fraud Prevention Tools

Free IP Lookup & Proxy Detection Test

Lookup IP reputation to determine if an IP address is a Proxy, Tor, or VPN Connection and retrieve an overall Fraud Score that provides accurate risk analysis. Identify abusive IP addresses and detect proxies that have recently engaged in fraud across the Internet's most popular sites.

Lookup an IP Address
Free Email Validation Test

Email validation determines if an email address is valid and has an active inbox. Quickly verify email addresses and identify associations with temporary & disposable email services with a history of abusive behavior. Enhance your platform's fraud detection tools with email fraud scoring.

Verify an Email Address
Phone Validation Checker

Validate phone numbers to identify the region, carrier, and line type with advanced reputation checks for disposable numbers, disconnected phone lines, VOIPs, and high risk numbers. Identify disconnected, invalid, or high risk phone numbers anywhere in the world to verify users or lead data.

Phone Number Validator
Spam Trap Removal

Expert email validation requires advanced spam trap detection. IPQS removes bounces, spam complainers, and sophisticated spam traps which can significantly impact email deliverability rates.

Remove Spam Traps
Phone Number Intelligence

Improve fraud detection with advanced phone number validation that supports any region. Identify invalid or disconnected numbers and phone numbers associated with fraudulent behavior.

Phone Number Carrier Lookup
Reverse Phone Number Identity Lookup

Verify users & validate payments to improve fraud prevention models with identity verification that matches phone numbers to confirmed user data. Lookup user details with a phone number or email.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup
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