IPQS Cyberthreat Map & Residential Proxy Detection
IPQS Threat Network Volume

Detection events for data scored in the past 24 hours.

Residential Proxies & Botnets
Residential botnets & compromised devices.
Abusive TOR & VPNs
High risk connections in data centers.
Malicious Bots
Non-human and automated behavior.
Fraudulent Transactions
Stolen credit cards and user data.
Invalid & Disconnected Phone Numbers
Low quality, abusive phone numbers.
Invalid & Abusive Email Addresses
Email addresses associated with fraudsters.
Trending Fraud Fusion™ Threats
Click Fraud
Suspicious Login
Account Takeover (ATO)
Suspicious Payment
Payment Chargeback
Non-Human Bot Behavior
Abuse Issues

Cyberthreat Intelligence Sources

Most Abusive Networks
PT. Telkomsel ID ID
Verizon Wireless US US
TOT Public Company Limited TH TH
Comcast Cable US US
Level 3 Communications US US
PJSC Rostelecom RU RU

Mobile Device Threats
Chrome Mobile 101 Chrome Mobile 101 Android 12.0 Android 12.0
Mobile Safari 12.1 Mobile Safari 12.1 iOS 12.4 iOS 12.4
Mobile Safari Mobile Safari iOS 15.1 iOS 15.1
Chrome Mobile 78 Chrome Mobile 78 Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Chrome Mobile iOS 103 Chrome Mobile iOS 103 iOS 15.3 iOS 15.3
Chrome Mobile 100 Chrome Mobile 100 Android 8.1 Android 8.1

Residential Botnet Devices
Chrome 103 Chrome 103 Windows 10 Windows 10
Chrome 102 Chrome 102 Windows 7 Windows 7
Chrome 87 Chrome 87 Windows 10 Windows 10
Chrome 78 Chrome 78 Windows 7 Windows 7
Chrome 88 Chrome 88 Windows 7 Windows 7
Chrome 79 Chrome 79 Windows 10 Windows 10

IPQS Fraud Detection Threat Network

Explore cyber data across the IPQS Threat Network for a wide range of abusive actions across the internet. Monitor residential botnets and infected devices that allow cybercriminals to engage in malicious behavior.

IPQS threat tools provide quick lookups to check IP address reputation and scan URLs for malware. Improve fraud detection models with intelligent scoring that identifies sophisticated abuse like ATO, fake account creation fraud, bots, chargebacks, and much more.

Learn about the IPQS Fraud Detection Threat Network

Live API Threat Feeds & Databases

Score users, clicks, and payments with real-time risk analysis by IPQS. Identify bots, stolen user data, malicious behavior, and fraudulent payments with advanced reputation checks — enhanced by scoring over 1 billion actions per day.

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What Is The IPQS Threat Network?

IPQS serves threat intelligence feeds directly to Fortune 500s and the internet's largest financial institutions, ad networks, payment processors, and leading brands in ride share, dating, gaming, and travel. Many of our clients also feed threat data back into our ecosystem, allowing IPQS to detect new threats faster than any other service.

Fraud Fusion™ intelligently parses this data stream to perform accurate reputation checks across IP addresses, clicks, user data, and transactions. IPQS clients benefit by feeding behavior data and submitting abuse reports to improve scoring across the IPQS threat network. IPQS customers gain a significant edge in cyberthreat intelligence by tapping into a live network of data for abusive users and cybercriminals.

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Looking for Threat Data?

View malicious behavior and the latest cyberthreats with a different angle than legacy providers. Easily identify residential botnets and infected devices with over 10 years of technology powering the perfect threat network. Solve common issues with abusive users and fraudulent behavior for any industry:

Live Threat Intelligence Feeds For SOAR/SIEMs

Integrate IPQS live threat intelligence feeds to ensure your network is protected from the latest threats from account takeover (ATO), business compromised emails (BEC), cyber attacks, bot attacks, and much more. Integrate directly into your favorite platforms such as Splunk, Cortex XSOAR & Demisto, Sumo Logic, IBM QRadar, ThreatConnect, and many more.

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