Leaked Data Verification

Verify Leaked Data with Confidence & Precision

IPQS Leaked Data Verification service can validate leaked data and identify high risk and exposed emails, passwords and usernames in real-time. Instantly identify leaked data using a simple Leaked Data Verification API or batch process CSV files. Our engineers maintain over 99% accuracy using proprietary tests and extensive data collected via online sources from all over the internet. All IPQS clients benefit from this data to achieve precision accuracy leaked data validation.

Confidently verify leaked data to ensure the reliability and security of online information.

Leaked Data Verification Trusted Throughout The Internet

IPQualityScore's leaked data verification service determines if the data exists within our vast collection of leaked data databases that have been found online. Instantly query our Leaked Data API for leaked data verification in real-time.

Improve Data Reliability And Security With Leaked Data Verification

Improved Data Reliability And Security can go a long way in keeping your data from being leaked. Cleansing your personal data from all devices after use is the best approach to minimizing the possibility of your online data being leaked.

Proper data hygiene significantly lowers data exposure rates. Quickly detect leaked data with IPQS leaked data verification API service that checks your email, password or username against our vast database of leaked information an leaked data and returns a real-time response to your website, software, or app. Batch lookups can also be performed by uploading CSV files through the IPQS client dashboard to cleanse user or subscriber lists.

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Most-complete databases with the most comprehensive lists of leaked data available from all over the internet including multiple Dark Web lists.

Enterprise Level Leaked Data Verification At an Affordable Price

Check Your Data Against Our Vast Database Collections

IPQS Leaked Data Verification gathers the latest leaked data found on the web into a simple, easy to use interface, that gives you the ability to check your data against the most recently found information on the internet. Our team vigorously monitors known data sites and the Dark Web to ensure the most up to date and complete data possible.

Bulk Leaked Data Validation

Upload CSV files with your subscribers email addresses, passwords or usernames, and quickly find if any of that data is found in our databases. Once a list is uploaded, it typically finishes in just a few minutes.

Best Data List Hygiene

Verify leaked data with precision and never worry about false-positives. IPQS mechanisms for processing leaked data are continuously updated to support newer methods and tricks that enhance accuracy and data quality.

Support From Leaked Data Validation Experts

Need help getting setup? IPQS is happy to assist with integration and getting started, such as uploading your first list. A human point of contact will always be available to you to ensure validating emails is as smooth as possible.

Detect Leaked Data

Fraudsters commonly use leaked data to gain something of value such as account access, free trials, downloads, and other premium features, content, & services. This leaked data is often deleted and never used again. Leaked information is also frequently used to create duplicate accounts, engage in credit card fraud, and take advantage of free services. If you believe you have some leaked data, then using IPQS's Leaked Data Verification API is a crucial step to eliminate fraud.

IPQS Leaked Data Verification API provides confirmation that the suspected leaked data has not been found on any of our thousands of database lists. IPQS leaked data lists are updated in real-time to provide the most effective service in the industry for identifying leaked data. Ensure your users are signing up with non-compromised data and instantly increase the value & ROI of your user base, potential leads, email lists, and other data!

The Most Accurate Leaked Data Verification Service

Verify Leaked Data with the Highest Degree of Accuracy and Precision

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What Makes Our Leaked Data Verification Service Different?

Leaked data verification is supported by thousands of database lists found throughout the internet. These lists reveal numerous different examples of personal information that have been found to be leaked. IPQS has developed proprietary methods to identify the pertinant information and match that with your inquiries. This feature is one of the many ways IPQS detection rates stand apart from competitor services, as many other verification providers are unable to offer the same quality & verification coverage.

Lookup Leaked Data Age

Lookup the age date for any leaked data to determine an estimate of when that personal data was first found on our lists. Since fraudsters typically cycle through new leaked data very quickly, the API also includes the data's date it was first seen on any of our lists. This value is listed on all leaked data validation API responses as the "First Seen" date.

Bulk Leaked Data Validation

Cleanse your bulk lists. Using our bulk leaked data verification service, your marketing lists can be uploaded and immediately processed. Easily download all clean data or suppress your lists for all data detected. Bulk data validation is great for verifying your existing lists and older user data. We recommend using our leaked data validation API to screen all new information before it is added to your lists.

Precision accurate leaked data validation by IPQS detects leaked email addresses, passwords, and usernames.

Features and Benefits

  • 5,000 FREE Email Verification Lookups Per Month
  • Validate Email addresses, Passwords and Usernames
  • Easy API Integration with Documentation & Examples
  • Batch Check CSV Files
  • Increase your Client List Reliability Rate by Pruning Leaked & Exposed Data
  • Reduce Fraud, Duplicate Accounts, & and Malicious Behavior
  • Disabling Data Storage Option Will Allow Processing Only To Occur In Memory For Your Security.

Who Uses Leaked Data Validation?

  • Advertisers, Marketing Agencies, & Ad Networks
  • Companies with Large Client or User Bases
  • Email Marketers & Mailers
  • Marketplaces, Forums, & Public Listings
  • Online Sales, Sign Ups, & Lead Generation
  • Software, Game, & App Developers
  • SaaS Service Providers & Online Services
  • Compliance & Anti-Fraud Services ... and many more!
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