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Stop Shopify Chargebacks With Smart Shopify Fraud Protection

Stop Shopify chargebacks so you can efficiently operate your Shopify store with less friction reviewing orders and less false-positives blocking legitimate payments. Prevent Shopify chargebacks with live verification to process card-not-present (CNP) payments and new Shopify customers. Real-time payment verification detects stolen credit cards, orders made with bots or automated behavior, and suspicious behavior during checkout. Activate intelligent chargeback protection for your Shopify store with the same algorithms trusted by Fortune 500s and leading financial institutions.

Shopify chargeback prevention protects your Shopify store against credit card disputes and lost revenue. Shopify eCommerce fraud can significantly impact new brands and online stores from establishing their brands with overwhelming chargeback fees and costs related to shipping inventory that's paid with stolen billing details. Verify every detail about a customer and their payment method to ensure the payment has a low chance of resulting in a dispute.

Shopify Fraud Prevention

  • Process card-not-present payments without a significant risk for chargebacks and CNP fraud.
  • Deploy bot management to control bad bots and malicious actors, including competitors from harassing your inventory level and ad budgets.
  • Detect sophisticated abuse and manage the latest trends in carding and device spoofing. Block suspicious payments for purchases made with human-like behavior.
  • Complete ecommerce fraud prevention with support to verify payments worldwide.
Enable Shopify Chargeback Protection

Enhanced Fraud Protection from Shopify Chargebacks

Instantly deploy leading account verification to analyze new customers with deep reputation checks like phone validation and email address validation. Process payments without worrying about disputes and chargebacks.

Safely process payments for Shopify in over 180 countries. IPQS can fully validate any payment method including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Chargetree, Chargify, and similar payment processors supported by Shopify.

Shopify Fraud Protection Optimized For eCommerce

The biggest feedback we hear from prospective clients is that their current fraud prevention service has too many false-positives or allows too many fraudulent orders. With IPQS you get the best of both worlds, leading Shopify fraud detection paired with intelligent algorithms that allowed verified users to make purchases without friction. Manage other abuse issues like Shopify bot protection and user validation directly within the same plugin.

Setup Shopify Fraud Prevention with the IPQS Shopify Plugin

Adjust additional scoring settings directly in the Shopify plugin to control behavior and scoring settings. Additional settings for payment screening optimize scoring to best fit your audience. These can be adjusted through your IPQS dashboard.

Connect IPQS With Your Shopify Store

Activate Shopify fraud protection for your ecommerce store in under 2 minutes. Sign up on IPQS free to link your account with your Shoipfy storefront.

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